Prepare your move with Parquet Déménagements in Poissy

A removal must be prepared.

It has to be carefully planned with the chosen company: it is your whole heritage which is going to travel.

We offer our services to you in France. Our secured furniture storehouse, watched 24h/24 is also available.

Your administrative procedure three weeks before

  • Transfer your accounts to your next bank branch,
  • If you are a co-owner and you are selling your flat, you have to ask for the closing of accounts to your property management company,
  • If you are a tenant, we advise you to contact the owner in order to fill in the inventory of fixtures,
  • You have to call the EDF/GDF services and the water service to read the meters and terminate your contract,
  • We also advise you to inform your Centre de Sécurité Social (health care service), mutual fund, Caisse d’Allocations Familiales and your HMRC (tax office if you are in France),
  • Inform your insurance offices (house, car…) by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt,
  • Transfer or terminate your phone contract,
  • If you are parents, make sure if there are chilcare centre, kindergarten, nursery assistant or schools near your new home.

Give your new address

  • To your subscribed magazines,
  • To your complementary health insurance fund or pension fund,
  • To your tax assessor,
  • To your television licence fee and subscribed cable channels offices,
  • Have the post office forward your mail to your new address,
  • Prepare yourself to change your car registration document address,
  • Check if your passport is still valid.